• Yang Ventures Founder Terrence Yang and Blockchain Capital Managing Partner Brock Pierce are two individuals who have been talkingpublicly for the past year about the need for Bitcoin and blockchain companies to focus on gaining actual users.  Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/why-venture-capitalists-are-flocking-to-blockchain-startups-cm625703#ixzz4A5feZJOw




    "honest, hard-headed advice and generous amounts of help have been invaluable"

    -- Larry Sanger, Wikipedia cofounder, consultant at Sanger.io


    "excellent advisor and investor"

    -- Andrew Lee, Co-founder, Handshake funded by Sequoia, a16z, Draper, Founders Fund


  • Case Studies

    $10,000 to $100,000 per investment, with average being $25,000 or less.

    Abacus is powering the future of finance. Made dozens of introductions to investors, security token experts, securitization experts, etc. Help in other ways.

    San Francisco

    Airship automates last-mile delivery. Female minority cofounder CTO. First investor. Invested 3X. Originated Airship's next 2 investors.

    Beijing (formerly Singapore & Silicon Valley)

    BITMAIN makes ASIC chips to mine Proof of Work coins such as Bitcoin. .Syndicate LP. Mentored a GP cofounder briefly in past.




    Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Syndicate LP. Investment panelist for GP.



    San Francisco

    Coinhako: Buy and sell digital assets in Singapore and Malaysia. 2nd investor. Helped Coinhako with their successful Boost VC application. Invested after Boost VC and before Tim Draper.





    Handshake (HNS) is decentralized certificate authority and naming co-founded by the Lightning co-creator. Initial backer & hodler. Helped originate a VC investor and angel investor. Same-round investors include Sequoia.



    San Francisco

    Infobitt is Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger's project to crowdsource news facts. (mothballed). 1st investor, COO. Originated multiple investors - including a VC & 6 figure angel - and close another, totaling ~60% of the funds raised.

    Columbus, Ohio

    Layer1 Capital is an infrastructure and investment platform that empowers cryptocurrencies. Introduced several potential investors, custodian, recruiter, consultant and provided other help. Other investors in the round include Peter Thiel.

    San Francisco

    Pixery gives fans awesome merchandise. Female minority CTO founder. Introduced to potential investors & provided other help. Other investors include Robert Downey Jr., the Tetris CEO, etc.

    Los Angeles

    Popup Archive makes sound searchable. Female CEO & CTO cofounders. Sold to Apple. Syndicate LP. Helped facilitate syndicate investment.




    Purse lets you shop on Amazon and other ecommerce sites and save up to 20%. Seed & Series A investor. Originated 2 micro VCs to invest in Purse. Helped close a $1M+ VC investment.



    San Francisco

    Quantstamp (QSP) is the standard in blockchain security. Hodler. Helped Quantstamp early with successful strategic advice and introductions.



    San Francisco

    Sagewise is the safety net for smart contracts. Female minority CEO & founder. Seed investor & adviser. Helped originate 3 VCs to invest in Sagewise. Introduced potential customers.



    Los Angeles

    Shippo makes commerce shipping logistics cheap and easy. Female minority CEO & founder. Syndicate LP. Helped facilitate investment by syndicate LP. Introduced potential customers.



    San Francisco

  • Team

    We are blessed to have a great volunteer team of high-integrity, smart, analytical folks with some great domain expertise.

    Dave Friedman

    Outside Consultant

    New York

    • Source and analyze over 200 white papers, including the one for Quantstamp which holds QSPs for Terrence
    • Advise a variety of cryptocurrency-related startups, including a GPU-as-a-Service platform, a tokenized real estate investment fund, and a Stellar-based remittance platform."
    • Founded a mobile video game company
    • Former investment banker and financial analyst
    • https://medium.com/@friedmandave/what-makes-a-good-ico-bb86bc67b1fb

    Nick Carabetta


    Food & Beverage, Fitness

    Orange County


    Piyush Gupta


    AI in FinTech, GeoTech, EdTech. Enterprise

    Silicon Valley

    • Principal PM in San Francisco Bay Area
    • Focused on opportunities leveraging AI in FinTech / GeoTech / EduTech / Enterprise
    • Founded Request.to - a Social messaging iOS app. Incubated at CMU startup accelerator
    • Ex VP-Product at EKO, led company to 5M customers with $500M in volume
    • Co-founded RouteGuru - world’s first “landmark intelligent driving directions” startup
    • Management from Carnegie Mellon University

    Terrence Yang

    Managing Director

    Fintech, Law tech, Privacy

    San Francisco

    • x-MD at $1B+ AUM value investing asset manager

    • Ex-Wall Street officer, swaps, ABS, MBS and securities lawyer, deal manager, executions and business development MD who helped structure, build and launch several new financial products used today

    • USC Bachelor of Science, Harvard Law J.D.

    • x-COO at Infobitt, founded by Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger

    • Published in Forbes, Business Insider, Apple News, Newsweek, Inc., Women 2.0

    Thomas Miller


    Bitcoin, Fintech

    East Bay

    • Professional trader
    • Assisted with due diligence and company profiling of potential investments
    • ·Accompany on founder meetings to gauge individuals, ask questions and make recommendations
    • Discuss and analyze startups and investment themes with Terrence.

    Vishwas Hegde

    Venture Partner


    East Bay

    • Analyze and recommend investments for Yang Ventures

    • Software Engineer

    • Serial Entrepreneur

    • Babson MBA

  • Focus

    We focus on startups meeting an unmet need.


    Our most recent investments have been in founder friends we have known for years or in privacy, law and finance related projects


    Our check size is typically $25K but can be $10,000 or up to $100,000.


  • Email Us

    In plain English without jargon, please tell us:


    *what you're building

    *how you are meeting an unmet need, preferably urgent

    *founder-market fit

    *intro deck, one-pager (optional)