• Yang Ventures Founder Terrence Yang and Blockchain Capital Managing Partner Brock Pierce are two individuals who have been talkingpublicly for the past year about the need for Bitcoin and blockchain companies to focus on gaining actual users. Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/why-venture-capitalists-are-flocking-to-blockchain-startups-cm625703#ixzz4A5feZJOw

    Angel Investor Seeking Startups Building Barriers to Entry

    Forbes 4/2016


    Re: educating founders & funders:


    "that’s not a large pool of people who have the skill and bandwidth and are willing to make it a priority; people like [Yang Ventures Founder] Terrence Yang [and others] are the sliver of a minority."


    nasdaq.com 5/2016


    "Yang Ventures Founder Terrence Yang [and others] have been talking publicly for the past year about the need for Bitcoin and blockchain companies to focus on gaining actual users."





    "Terrence's honest, hard-headed advice and generous amounts of help have been invaluable"


    -- Larry Sanger, Founder CEO, Infobitt.com and Co-founder, Wikipedia


    "Terrence is an excellent advisor and investor"

    -- Andrew Lee, Co-founder and CEO of VC-backed Purse.io


    Very funny Alyse!

    WHY US? ​

    What if Buffett was forced to invest in startups? 


    He'd pick startups on a path to building wide moats and achieving pricing power.


    That's what we're doing. 


    Reach out if you want to build a this kind of business: info@yangventures.com



  • Partial Portfolio


    ** Denotes funded by Eric Yuan. *** Denotes indirect investment. Help facilitate each startup to raise over $300,000.

    AIRMULE.** Ship with people not boxes.

    Los Angeles

    AIRSHIP does food delivery.

    Singapore & Silicon Valley

    COIN HAKO, the Coinbase+ of Singapore.



    P4RC. App games rewards layer.

    Los Angeles

    PURSE.IO lets you shop on Amazon and other ecommerce sites and save up to 20%.

    Silicon Valley

    SHIPPO makes commerce shipping logistics cheap and easy.***

    Silicon Valley

  • Startup Investment Team

    Our team is volunteer part-time. We invest modest amounts at the angel or early seed round. in post-launch, post-full-time teams iwth 2 or 3 co-founders.

    Terrence Yang


    Eldertech, Fintech, Lawtech

    San Francisco

    • Value investor, x-MD at $1B+ AUM asset manager deploying Buffett-style approach

    • Angel Investor

    • USC Bachelor of Science, Harvard Law J.D.

    • Co-founder of multiple failed startups; ex-startup COO

    • Quora Top Writer 2017

    • Published in Forbes, Business Insider, Apple News, Huffington Post, Medical Daily, Newsweek, Inc., Thought Catalog, Women 2.0

    • Ex-Wall Street officer who helped build several highly profitable innovative financial products used today

    Dr. Vivy Chao


    Edtech, Non-Traditional Founders

    San Francisco

    • Founder, Yang Camp

    • Teaches entrepreneurship program @ Silicon Valley charter schools

    • Community Manager, YC startup & startup founded by creator of top 40 website

    • Education Pioneers Fellow @ LAUSD Common Core Technology Project

    • CEO of funded edtech startup

    • Assistant principal, STEM private school

    • Adjunct professor, Long Beach State

    • B.A., UCLA, M.Ed., USC, Ed.D., Argosy University

    Gracye Cheng


    Ads, Enterprise, Lawtech

    Santa Monica

    • VP, Business Development and General Counsel, GoodRx

    • Source, analyze and recommend investments, including Pop Up Archive

    • Works with Silicon Valley startups on business strategy and marketing projects

    • Corporate lawyer

    • Harvard College, Harvard Law School

    Nick Carabetta


    Food & Beverage, Fitness

    Orange County


    Dave Friedman


    Fintech, Blockchain, ICOs, Cryptocurrency

    New York

    • Advisor, Efficace Startups Platform
    • Founded a mobile video game company
    • Former investment banker and financial analyst

    Eric Yuan

    Venture Partner

    Fintech, Eldertech

    Orange County

    • Source, analyze, discuss fintech and other startups.

    • Data Analyst - Hadoop, R, and SQL

    • Financial Regulatory Analytics

    • Ex-Hedge fund manager and Equity Prop Trader

    • FX and Crytpocurrency Trader

    • PIMCO Alumni

    • Co-owner, Bitcorati

    Vishwas Hegde

    Venture Partner


    Silicon Valley

    • Analyze and recommend investments for Yang Ventures

    • Software Engineer

    • Serial Entrepreneur

    • Babson MBA

    Thomas Miller

    Senior Associate


    San Francisco

    • Professional trader
    • Assisted with due diligence and company profiling of potential investments
    • ·Accompany on founder meetings to gauge individuals, ask questions and make recommendations
    • Discuss and analyze startups and investment themes with Terrence.

    Jane Shui

    Senior Associate

    Real Estate, Fintech


    • Value investor, with a focus on the real estate sector;

    • Queen’s Commerce graduate;

    • Co-founder of 1 failed tech start-up, and a currently running not-for-profit start-up;

    • International work experience in Toronto, Vancouver, Suzhou and Hong Kong.

    Joseph Philleo

    Summer Associate

    Fintech, Insurance

    Los Angeles/Indianapolis

    • Undergraduate, USC – Applied Mathematics, Economics, Physics

    • Machine Learning Enthusiast

    • 2016 M3 Challenge Runner Up

    • Quora Top Writer 2016-2017

    Alexander Lordan Kamgar

    Summer Associate


    San Francisco/Los Angeles

    • Analyze and recommend investments for Yang Ventures
    • Software Engineer
    • Computer Science major @ UC Berkeley
  • Startup Investment Focus

    Verticals We like undervalued vertical others ignore, underestimate or mock. Also non-hyped subverticals in fintech, insurtech, lawtech, eldertech, edtech.


    Stage Post-revenue. We will remove this when the current startup bubble implodes.


    Financing Terms. Preferred equity with pro rata and protections against cram down.


    Geographic Focus Silicon Valley, L.A./Orange County.



  • Contact

    Founders: If you are a post-team, post-launch startup, please email us something short addressing each of below (no links or attachments):

    • Product: What Are You Making? Why?
    • Mission: Why Does Your Startup Exist?
    • Need: What Unmet Need Are You Filling And For Whom?
    • Insight: What’s Changing In Your World That We Might Not Know About Or Underestimate?
    • Moat: What’s Defensible Or Will Be Defensible About Your Business?
    • Grit: Evidence Of Persistence?
    • Market: How Is The Market Size Bigger Than Almost All Investors Think?
    • Team: Each Key Team Member’s Biggest Accomplishment?